Industrial robots offline programming simulation platform


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As the working objects of industrial robots are becoming more and more extensive, precise and complex, Under the background of the further requirements of enterprises for production efficiency,the traditional manual teaching online programming is increasingly unable to meet the needs of rapid, high-precision and efficient robot processing.

RobotSmart, the off-line programming software independently developed by Minyue Technology which replaces the traditional complex manual teaching programming of industrial robots and realizes the fast "simple" programming of industrial robots. Through trajectory optimization and error compensation, the actual operating efficiency and processing accuracy of industrial robots are improved. Using the posture planning and path planning algorithm of intelligent robot, the virtual workstation is constructed in 3d virtual space, combing with welding, laser cutting, spraying and other specific technologies to realize the industrial robot beat design and automatic autonomous programming. The software integrates robot motion simulation, collision detection, singularity avoidance and shaft limit detection. The system includes robot error compensation module, which can greatly reduce the influence of robot absolute positioning accuracy and workpiece model error on actual processing. Products have been widely used in industrial robot cutting, welding, spraying, engraving and other industries.

To provide customers with more professional, more intelligent, more powerful offline programming software!

  • Provide system-level one-stop industrial robot programming solutions
  • Support laser cutting, welding, quenching, spraying, grinding and other process applications
  • Support multiple robot assembly line simulation, collision detection, beat design and planning
  • Support KUKA, Yaskawa, Fanuc, ABB, Staubli, Kawasaki etc industrial robot.

Simple operation and intelligent application which do not need code programming. Modular operation and quick mastery

Intelligent Posture optimization
One key to generate trajectory
Smooth transition for trajectory
Multiple external axis control
Support with variety of processes
Support variety of robots brand

Application Cases

Two-dimensional laser cutting
Three dimensional laser cutting
9-axis linkage welding workstation
Quenching workstation