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Minyue Technology - robot intelligent application expert, focusing on laser vision system and industrial robot offline programming software products

Beijing Minyue Technology Co., a high-tech innovation enterprise focusing on the intelligent application of industrial robots, with a R&D center in Beijing, located in the "university center" - Wudaokou, nearby Tsinghua University. We have Nanjing intelligent application base, Foshan subsidiary, we provide customers with convenient and timely pre-sales and after-sales service. Our main products include:激光视觉焊缝跟踪系统 SmartEye、双目结构光视觉传感器SmartVison、工业机器人离线编程软件 RobotSmart。

To solve the complex applications programming problems in industrial robots, After years of technology accumulation and field testing, Minyue successful developed industrial robot off-line programming software - RobotSmart, with the characteristic such as one-stop solution, based on the geometric topology generation, free drawing track path, senior error fault-tolerant algorithm, high precision processing. RobotSmart has been successfully applied in automobile, household appliances, sanitary ware, fixture and other industries.

Laser seam tracking system -SmartEye which is a set of independent developed and use to assist industrial robot intelligent welding vision system. Through high-precision laser vision sensor, it can obtain weld seam data in real-time meanwhile process and transmit , data, control robot movement trajectory, so as to improve welding quality, reduce repair welding rate etc. Now products have been widely used in industrial enterprises, help enterprises to reform the intelligent application.

Minyue technology treat high-end applications of industrial robot as a breakthrough, and dedicates to improving the application level of industrial robots and the whole manufacturing industry, accelerating the process of realizing industry 4.0, creating greater intelligent value for world manufacturing enterprises.

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  • SmartEye-Laser Seam Tracking System
  • SmartVision-Binocular 3D Vision System
  • SmartRobot-Offline Programming Software
  • Non-Teach Robotic welding
  • Non-Teach Robotic cutting
  • Non-Teach Robotic grabbing

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