Laser seam tracking system


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Standard industrial robot welding is efficient and flexible, but it can only move along a fixed path according to the program written in advance. In mass production, due to the workpiece size error, thermal deformation in welding process, tooling instability and other factors, it will lead to weld track and weld characteristics are conform to actual welding parameters and thereby reducing the welding quality or even leading to welding failure.

SmartEye series of 3D laser seam tracking system developed by Minyue Technology can detect the position and characteristics of welding seam in real time, control and guide robot movement, real-time error compensation for the pre-programmed path, and reduce repair welding rate. At the same time, the welding process parameters can be modified according to the characteristics of the weld, thus improve the welding quality of industrial robots. The sensor can eliminate the positioning error and the adverse effects caused by thermal deformation, reduce the cost of fixture in the welding process, and improve the flexibility level of the welding workstation. It has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, high-speed train, tricycle, tank welding and other welding fields.

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Laser vision sensor

SmartEye series laser vision sensor adopts high-speed CMOS image chip +FPGA core chip design scheme. Full display of high-speed parallel computing, strong stability and other advantages, to ensure that the sensor has 200 frames per second of acquisition and processing speed, so that the sensor can be used in the field of fast welding and high-speed scanning measurement.


Intelligent software platform

The intelligent software platform is attached to the industrial computer, which integrates artificial intelligence, image processing, neural network, low-level control and other core algorithms to process complex process logic and associate rich industrial process library for robot motion control. The platform has a series of artificial intelligence application modules such as expert system and intelligent decision making, which fully embodies the product ease of use and intelligence.

  • Simple and easy to use, flexible welding parameters configuration method, strong adaptability
  • Fully functional, detection of different weld seam types, lap, butt, rectangular etc
  • Support a variety of brand robots, KUKA, Yaskawa, Fanuc, ABB, Kawasaki, Siasun etc
  • Widely used in sheet metal, steel structure, aluminum alloy materials, supporting gas protection, sub-arc, laser and other welding processes

Minyue laser seam tracking system characteristics

Intelligent independent programming, Non-Teach
Weld expert system
Intelligent decision function
Powerful welding process library
Characteristics inspection during welding process
Strong anti-reflection, rounded corner detection
Minyue laser seam tracking system and Minyue offline programming perfect combination.