Smartcut intelligent groove cutting workstation

The Smartcut intelligent groove cutting workstation relies on Minyue's years of accumulation in CAD/CAM, robotics, 3D vision, artificial intelligence, and other fields. Based on Minyue's self-developed intelligent decision-making system RobotSmart and 3D visual sensors, it introduces a model driven and visual sensor based teaching free automatic programming method to achieve "autonomous driving" of robot cutting, Solve various problems in traditional industrial robot groove cutting. The entire system consists of three parts: an industrial robotic arm, a binocular structured light visual sensor, and an industrial controller (with built-in RobotSmart intelligent cutting software) for cutting accessories.

Smartcut product features

Before cutting, use the workpiece mathematical model to plan the robot's trajectory. Determine the corresponding processes for each part through model annotation and automatic extraction. However, there are differences between digital offline software and actual workstations, including model and actual workpiece deviations, as well as deformation during groove cutting process. To address the issue of D, different range 3D visual sensors are used for coarse and precise trajectory localization.

The combination of different sensors can meet the requirements of large range programming (more than 200mm) and high-precision (less than 0.1mm) trajectory compensation. The plan has strong universality and does not require human intervention during the production process. The combination of digital and sensor measured data improves the reliability of the production process. Among them, the programming is implemented using the three-dimensional intelligent robot programming software RobotSmart, and the groove cutting is controlled by the SmartVison visual system for trajectory and process control.

3D visual system

The 3D structured light camera independently developed by Minyue Technology is specifically designed for industrial robot groove cutting application scenarios. At present, various models of visual products have been launched to meet diverse needs such as environmental light resistance, high precision, and small volume in different scenarios. By using an intelligent binocular vision system to locate three-dimensional workpieces, high-precision, complex, and expensive fixtures are eliminated, achieving the goal of flexible production.
Unlike the usual configuration method of fixing 3D cameras, Smartcut places the 3D camera at the end of the robotic arm, which can meet the customer's loading and unloading needs in complex environments of 80m and avoid the risk of collision between the loading and unloading equipment and the fixed bracket of the camera, making the configuration simpler. When facing multi workstation scenarios, it is possible to reduce the number of cameras installed and greatly reduce system costs.


Robotsmart intelligent cutting software

The Smartcut intelligent groove cutting workstation is equipped with a built-in Robot Smart intelligent cutting system, which can quickly generate robot motion trajectories, effectively solving on-site application problems such as complex cutting trajectory teaching, low programming efficiency, and low robot utilization. Satisfied the production needs of robot groove cutting for multiple varieties, small batches, and flexibility.
Minyue offline programming software -RobotSmart which can quickly generate robot trajectory, effectively solve the site programming problems such as complicated welding trajectory teaching, low programming efficiency and low robot utilization rate.


Software features

Configuration sheet and technical parameters

The configuration of the cutting workstation is selected according to different needs, and the cutting fixture platform, safety fence, and other equipment need to be provided by the customer.

Note:This technical parameter is based on the listed equipment as a reference value, and the specific parameters will be adjusted according to the final equipment selection

Smartcut case shooting

The smartcut intelligent groove cutting workstation has achieved an intelligent operation mode of "no teaching+visual", which has been applied in multiple industries, helping major manufacturers solve the production pain points of high programming difficulty and low intelligence level. At the same time, it meets the cutting production requirements for small batches and different types of workpieces, improves processing efficiency and yield.