Minyue technology R&D center is located in Beijing.The core R&D engineers are graduated from Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other well-known universities, with master's degree or above.R&D team have a deep understanding and mastery for robot kinematics, image processing algorithm, optical, robot control and communication technologies, advance technology and artificial intelligence meanwhile combined with years of industry experience to complete product design, research and development, production in order to ensure the precision,stability,easy to use characteristics on Minyue products.

Minyue Technologyhasset up intelligent application and technical service centers in Nanjing and Foshan. The engineers are mainly technical engineers from automobile, ship, machinery manufacturing, hardware parts and other industries. With years of experience in robot operation, welding application, cutting application, grinding application, system integration and other all-round industrial robot projects, we provide customers with multi-directional technical support to ensure the smooth progress of projects.

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